Any Logo Screen Saver Creator


Create screensavers featuring the logo of your business or association


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Any Logo Screensaver Creator provides you with a simple assistant to help you create a screensaver featuring the logo of your business or association.

It's very easy to use: just choose the image file containing your logo, and the additional effects that you want to be on the screensaver.

The effects gallery includes features typical of any screensaver: bounce, drip, falling, multiplication, etc.

You can also decide what actions will deactivate the screensaver and wake Windows back up: pressing a key on the keyboard, moving the mouse, or clicking.

Any Logo Screensaver Creator generates two output files: the screensaver itself in SCR format, and an installer for the screensaver.

The trial version displays a message at the bottom of the screensaver that includes the name of the program.

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